On Friday morning around 9:30, a 21-year-old woman was nearly killed by a tractor trailer truck in Bushwick. She was struck when the driver made a right turn from Johnson Avenue onto Varick Avenue, and an initial report said that the driver was not charged. But the NYPD press office tells us today that the driver, Elio Morales, was in fact arrested, and charged with driving without the correct class of license.

The victim's condition is unknown, but a commenter claiming to be her sister offered some more details about the accident:

She was STOPPED at the curb as this truck's right back wheel came up onto the curb sidewalk hitting her. She was not breaking any rules of the road and she was not running a red light, all these assumptions can be laid to rest. The driver's poor judgment has put my sister into the hospital and though shes stabilized now she has plenty of surgery to go through and anything can happen during this time. I would appreciate if people could stop pointing fingers and consider how hard this is on both parties families. The driver WAS arrested, not only for this accident but because he DID NOT have a permit to drive the truck he was driving. please keep my sister in your prayers or have positive thoughts that she can get through this, thank you.

The victim was also described by another commenter as "one of Cooper Union's most talented art students and an incredibly delightful human being." We've reached out to her friends and family for an update on her status, and we'll let you know if we hear back.