A 10-foot high box truck slammed into the side of a house in Hawthorne, NY at 10:50 a.m. after veering off Route 9A. Luckily, no one was badly hurt. Driver Anthony Franciosa, 18, claimed he fell asleep at the wheel, jumped a curb onto Beverly Road and slammed into the side of 211 Beverly. The impact of the truck moved the house about a foot and a half.

Neighbor Joe Tanzi told WCBS, "It's an incredible sight. I never saw anything like it." The Varghese family, who have lived there for 10 years, were not home at the time, but the fire department said the entire house will have to be demolished. The driver was released Westchester Medical Center after suffering minor injuries.

A Con Edison crew happened to be working around the corner at the time of the crash, and ran to the house after they saw the truck lose control. They smelled leaking gas, and managed to get inside the house to turn it off before it turned into an even more dangerous situation—or something resembling an awful metal album cover.