2007_05_jillabram.jpgA week and a half ago, NY Times managing editor Jill Abramson was hurt in what an internal Times memo called a "traffic accident". Or, in Page Six parlance, it's called "crossing at the intersection of West [44th] Street and Seventh Avenue just as the garbage hauler was making a right turn" and having the truck ran over her foot. Ouch! The Post's Page Six reported at the time that the cops weren't charging the driver, since "no one did anything illegal," but now Abramson is making it very legal: She's suing.

According to the NY Sun, Abramson is "seeking unspecified damages" and accuses the driver, the Bronx company that operated the truck, and the truck's registered owner of "negligence, carelessness, and recklessness...severe and serious personal injuries to mind and body...[and] great physical pain and mental anguish." While we don't know the circumstances of this accident, trucks and truck drivers seem to be somewhat more reckless drivers, relatively speaking.

Abramson's husband Henry Griggs III is also a plaintiff, which gives Page Six opportunity to speculate, "It sounds like a crushed foot has wrecked the sex life"; Page Six also reveals that Griggs' complaint is that he lost the "services, earnings, consortium and society. But our favorite quote is from the Sun, when the reporter spoke to the Bronx company that operated the truck; a West Side Foods employee said, "I don't know what the exact story is, she was standing in the street…and the wheel of the truck went over her foot."