poppins4.jpgIn a heroic double play, a nanny and her choking charge were both saved by one of NYC's finest, Officer, and ex-Marine, Edgar Louisjuste, yesterday morning. After the child began choking on an orange, his nanny grabbed him and ran for the hospital. She was hit by a truck on Second Ave. Though she was badly injured, again, "hit by a TRUCK", she managed to hold on to the choking child.

Louisjuste, who happened to be nearby and hear the "thump", called an ambulance for the nanny. He then managed to clear the child's airway while en route to the hospital in another good samaritan's van.

Gothamist was particularly touched by the nanny's ability to hold on to the baby and her cries of, "Save the baby!" though she herself had been hit by a truck. That seems above and beyond her job description. The child's parents should be very pleased with their nanny selection. Though it does bring up the question, how many caregivers are well-versed in infant CPR? Because you never know when you'll need to know infant CPR, classes are available for parents and caregivers and could be life saving. Lesson learned today: knowing infant CPR could save you from being hit by a truck.