Another sunny and mild day is on tap for today. The wind has shifted to come out of the southwest ahead of an approaching cold front. The wind shift means we'll see slightly warmer, with a high close to 90, slightly more humid air today. The front is weak and there's not much moisture associated with it so we should stay dry until tomorrow.

Tomorrow will see a stronger cold front approaching in the afternoon. We'll have another warm day, but as the front gets closer a chance of showers and thunderstorms will arise. The threat of rain is greatest Thursday night into Friday morning. The front is expected to pass through the city around lunchtime on Friday. Friday afternoon, and especially Saturday will be cooler and drier. Friday morning's temperatures should be in the lower-80s, with a slippage to the 70s by afternoon. Saturday is looking to be cool and dry, high in the mid-70s.

Did you recently get your "Ready New York: Hurricanes and New York City" brochure from the city? It's chock full of good information on what to do before a storm, how to determine if you live in an evacuation zone, the differences between tropical storms and hurricanes, watches vs. warnings, etc. Copies of the brochure, in eleven different languages, are here.

Gothamist mentions the hurricane booklet because the tropics have suddenly become active. Hurricane Flossie quickly lost a lot of strength at is moved into cooler waters south of Hawaii. Super Typhoon Sepat is expected to hit Taiwan on Friday with winds in excess of 130 miles an hour. In the Atlantic, Tropical Storm Dean is gaining strength and should be a hurricane tomorrow. Tropical Depression Five became Tropical Storm Erin this morning in the Gulf of Mexico. Erin is expected to go onshore tomorrow morning near the Texas-Mexico border.

Sunset on the waterfront by uberfrau2006 on Flickr.