Police have caught and arrested the 23-year-old man who is suspected of killing at least four people in a mad rampage yesterday. Police caught Maksim Gelman at the Times Square station early this morning, but not before he stabbed one more man on the 3 train near the 96th St. and Broadway station.

Police believe Gelman's murderous stabbing spree began early yesterday morning when he stabbed his stepfather, 54-year-old Aleksandr Kuznetsov, in Sheepshead Bay; later in the day, he fatally stabbed his ex-girlfriend, Yelena Bluchenko, 20, and her mother, Anna, 56. After killing the two women, he allegedly attacked a passing motorist, stabbing 60-year-old Art DiCrescento in order to steal his car. While driving DiCrescento's Pontiac Bonneville, Gelman struck a 62-year-old man who later died in the hospital.

According to 1010Wins, police say that this morning's victim was slashed in the throat with a folding knife around 9 a.m. The 40-year-old victim was transported to a hospital where he is in critical condition. NYPD spokesmen Paul Browne says that Gelman boarded a northbound No. 3 train “from the tracks.” Police also say they received multiple tips from people who recognized the suspect on the subway between 34th and 42nd streets.

A reader tells us, "The train (Express) stopped at 42nd street, but only platformed the 1st car, where the incident took place. Everyone else is stranded in the last 9 cars. Saw EMS cart some person up the stairs bleeding heavily & SWAT was on the scene. Looks like a stabbing to me." According to the Post, Gelman was heard by witnesses on the 2 train banging on the motorman’s door, yelling: "My girlfriend ruined my life."