accuwx_heat_0731.jpgWell, this morning's weather was rather pleasant, but things started to heat up while Gothamist was out having lunch. The stationary front that had been to our south, protecting us from the heat and humidity, has begun drifting northward. As it passes by us and settles in over New England we will be in for a few days of oppressive weather.

The record high temperature for both tomorrow and Wednesday is a nice round 100 degrees. Will we reach those records? It will be close. The Weather Service is saying mid-90s tomorrow and upper-90s on Wednesday. has the order reversed and AccuWeather has it hot both days. Whatever. It's going to be hot the next couple of days. At the risk of beating a dead horse here are energy conservation tips and ways to beat the heat.

If you can bear the heat of the next two or three days there's reason to cheer. A cold front is expected to arrive late-Thursday or possibly Friday. The later the front arrives the hotter Thursday will be. Thunderstorms are likely to precede the front and much more comfortable weather should follow.

Scary hot weather graphic from AccuWeather.