A Chase bank in South Richmond Hill Queens is a serving as a case study of Guyanese/Trinidadian racial tensions. We never realized there was any animosity between the two countries, but apparently there's at least one person from Guyana who thinks people from Trinidad are just a bunch of lazy, thin-skinned no-goodniks. That would be the manager of the Chase branch on Liberty Avenue, who allegedly fired her Trinidadian underling after she complained to HR about the racist abuse. Now the ex-teller is suing Chase—and if nothing else her litigiousness shows how she's fully assimilated into the American way of life.

"You come to the land of opportunity and then you have to face discrimination," Trinidad native Shivana Persad, 26, tells The Post. "It is supposed to be equality for all." (Adorable, right?) Persad claims her boss, Fazeila Mahedo repeatedly made remarks such as: "Trinidadians are lazy compared to the Guyanese." And when Persad objected, she says Mahedo's stock reply was: "Thats a Trinny thing—she can’t take it." Of course, that's typical Guyanese for ya'—trashing people from the islands in order to feel big about themselves. (They're insecure because they have small genitals, and chronic B.O.!)

After Persad reported the alleged comments to HR, she claims Mahedo held a staff meeting to tell all employees that if anyone tried to "bypass [Mahedo] and complained to HR again, [they] should instead pack [their] bags and leave because [they] would be out of a job." Persad was fired last year, and she also claims she was stiffed for more than 400 hours of overtime. Which suggests she's pretty hard working (for a Trinny). To be sure, this is no sexy banker story, but it has exposed us to a heretofore unknown ethnic divide, and taught us a thing or two about history. For one thing, the Wikipedia entry for Guyana is like ten times the size of the Trinidad entry. Come on Trinis, you gonna take that?