We've heard of bike thieves with jedi mind skills...but a tricycle thief? Not even that—a tricycle parts thief? Bed-Stuy tipster Sal Garro told us he discovered that the front wheel of his tricycle was missing this morning. Marty Markowitz better have a good alibi.

Garro told us his trike, which he uses to bike to-and-from work (as well as band practices), is a Worksman Port-O-Trike and the wheel was steel and 20". He writes:

I woke up this morning to find the front wheel of my tricycle savagely stolen from outside my apartment. Though I chain up my bike every night, it isn't easy to lock up all three wheels. What anyone would want with a rusty 20 inch wheel is a mystery to me. I'm a drummer and use my trike to get all of my gear to and from gigs. I also use it for grocery runs and general escapes from boredom. I've owned it for two years and it means a lot to me. Made by Worksman- an Ozone Park based cycling company.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. My trike was locked up on a parking sign post on Franklin Avenue at Clifton Place (just a couple blocks away from Do or Dine's very own trike wielding staff).

As he alluded to, tricycling seems to be a thing in Bed-Stuy—in July, chef Justin Warner of Do or Dine was ticketed for riding his tricycle on the sidewalk near his restaurant. (For those who might scoff at trikes, they can actually be pretty quick rides.)

If anyone has any info about this case, contact us at tips@gothamist.com. And should this disturbing crime cause you any sleepless nights, you can comfort yourself with the thought that at least no trees were harmed during this particular robbery.