Not content to let her ex-husband Philip Smith steal the spotlight with the recent news that he's been promoted to the top of the powerful Shubert Organization, good old Tricia Walsh-Smith has resurfaced with a music video that can only be described as breathtaking. You remember, the blond with the crazy eyes who posted videos on YouTube excoriating her husband during their bitter divorce (which ended—or so we thoughtwith her eviction from the Park Avenue apartment they shared).

Anyway, she's baaack... And dressed like a dominatrix in a music video for a "song" called "I'm Going Bonkers"! As if you needed any further reason to watch it, here's a sample lyric: "All my dreams squashed in two / Danielle Steele where are you? / I need romance can't you see? / Tied in rubber ecstasy" Or something. The horror. [Via Cityfile.]