A Tribeca woman accused of tormenting her neighbors by shining bright strobe lights and a nightclub-style disco ball into their apartment denies any illuminated harassment and is insisting that all she ever plugged in was single floor lamp.

Suelleen Epstein was sued in Manhattan Civil Court earlier this year by Rich Miele for waging a "campaign of harassment" after she became upset by the glare from the Miele family's big-screen television, which shines light through an air shaft of their building at 9 Murray Street, into Epstein's apartment. After allegedly refusing his offer to install high-tech blinds in her apartment, Miele claims that Epstein installed extra-bright spotlights near her windows that shone directly into his apartment. "The spotlights cause my entire living room to spectacularly fill up with bright light every single night," Miele wrote in his suit.

Check out the view from Miele's window:

However, Epstein dismissed the allegations in new court papers filed yesterday, claiming that she only used a single household lamp to deflect the glare of Miele's television. "I faced my floor lamp...toward the three windows in [Miele's] apartment," Epstein wrote. The Post reports that Epstein also dismissed Miele as a "serial complainer."

Miele's original suit claims that Epstein's passive-aggressive tactics date back to December 2014, and that she even installed timers on the giant strobes so that her neighbors' home would be hit with blinding lights while she was away on vacation, Miele's suit claims. In May, Miele's attorney Zachary Kozak told the Post that the lights were sometimes kept on as late as 3 a.m., and that she eventually began shining "nightclub-like" spinning colored lights through her windows.

Miele was most concerned with one of the lights Epstein allegedly directed toward a hallway in his apartment that lead to a bathroom, exposing his two children before and after their nightly baths " to anyone looking into the windows, including [Epstein] as a direct result of the shining spotlights into my bathroom."