The stories coming out of the courthouse where lawyers are trying to select jurors for John Gotti Jr.'s trial continue to be amazing. Apparently, the potential jurors have been less than smart, with Judge Scheindlin saying about one juror, "He wasn't the brightest bulb." And then Gotti's lawyer said, "We've had that a lot." There there was the juror, a "self-taught criminologist," who collected gangster memorabilia - he got bumped. Judge Scheindlin has been upset because on the questionnaire, potential jurors are asked to list three people in the history of the world they admire...and many people listed no one, arguing, "I'm not into that. I'm a working person. That's pretty much it."

But the people in the history of the world that did make some jurors' lists included Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Walt Disney, Jay Z, Ewan McGregor or Sean Combs/P. Diddy were, but the judge wasn't as familiar with the last three, even thinking Sean Combs and P. Diddy were two separate people, so the tabs have been having fun poking fun at her. Ultimately, Judge Scheindlin uttered the words that we've already suspected, "The smart people maybe know how to get off [jury duty]. That's troubling." Well, Gothamist can only assume many people, smart or not, don't want to sit during a long Gambino crime family trial, but civic duty is important - even if jury duty can cause mental breakdowns.

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