Rob Walker's look at the Handspring Treo 600 for the Times magazine include what our favorite gadget blog editor, Peter Rojas of Gizmodo, uses it for, besides as a cellphone, PDA, text messager, and web browser. Apparently, Peter has been pulling it out like a show pony at parties, playing the Paris Hilton video for fellow revelers. Hilton family, clearly, it's a huge tech conspiracy: No sooner does the Treo 600 hit U.S. shelves when Paris's AV Club project is spread like wildfire online.

Peter wants to clarify something about his quotes in the Consumed column (Gothamist is certainly both goofy and geeky); he also floats the possibility of the next Treo, the 610, being available this spring. We'll be asking Peter for his 600 when he gets the 610.