Spoiler alert! He loses. So, back to the beginning... a few years ago there was an epic Christie's auction that catered to the world's most crazed fans: Trekkies. Items on the block went for much more than estimated, and the History Channel even streamed the auction action live.

Now one disgruntled fanboyman has sued the auction house to the tune of $7 million for selling him knock-offs. The NY Post reports that Ted Moustakis claimed Christie's intentionally lied about three items he won at auction, all to do with his favorite character Commander Data. He had scored a $6,600 poker visor, an $11,000 poker table, and a $6,000 uniform — and signed an agreement that the property was being sold "as is."

Moustakis claimed he was told they were "one of a kind," however, and "used by Data himself." But when he met the character IRL, he told him: "That's not my visor." Allegedly more research was done to prove the items were bogus, but yesterday the case was tossed aside anyway. A panel of judges said, he "should just have asked for his money back... not boldly sued for a small fortune."

Not only did the Trekkie lose his case, but when it was first filed even Wil Wheaton (of Star Trek fame!) spoke out against him, saying, "There are no 'one-of-a-kind' spacesuits for regular cast members... I think it's more likely that this guy has buyer's remorse." Amateurs, let's stay out of the auction houses, 'kay?