treeleaves.jpgAs part of his Earth Day address, Mayor Bloomberg is expected to announce a citywide plan to plant one million trees over the next ten years. The New York Post says that plan would involve tripling New York's tree-planting budget to $37.5 million annually.

They would be planted along streets, and in parks and vacant lots - "every single place where it is possible to plant a street tree," vowed Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff yesterday.

The Parks Department says that there are approximately 500,000 street trees decorating New York's five boroughs. That number is based on a 1996 survey. Another tree census was conducted last year and The New York Times puts the current number at nearly 592,000, out of a total of 5.2 million trees in the whole city. The new decade-long tree-planting project would add 210,000 street trees around the city.

arboricide.jpgWe wonder how the photo to the left fits into the New York's plan for city beautification with trees. It was posted at Curbed this week after a reader sent it to the real estate site. It shows a private contractor in the process of cutting down six cherry blossom trees in full bloom along 5th Ave. This type of work is not allowable without the express written approval of the Department of Parks and Recreation.

You can request a street tree to be planted in front of your property by contacting the Parks Dept. and filling out this form.

(central park in autumn, by mcpasqueflower at flickr)