Delancey Street is finally getting a protected bike lane! The NYC Department of Transportation on Wednesday released its Strategic Plan 2016 (shouldn't they call it strategic plan 2017?), which includes a promise to put protected lanes on the nightmarishly busy street. This should be an enormous boon to cyclists coming over the Williamsburg Bridge, which has the heaviest bike traffic of any of the East River bridges. It also offers the promise of a little reprieve for considering alternate forms of transportation during L-maggedon.

Cyclists should expect 50 miles of new or enhanced (sadly not just new) bike lanes in NYC each year for the next five years, including the protected lanes. Protected lanes will also be integrated into sections of The Grand Concourse in the Bronx and Queens Boulevard, both treacherous thoroughfares.

In addition, the DOT wants to bring Citi Bike to all five boroughs and to "dramatically expand opportunities for safe and secure bike parking," with an emphasis on adding parking near major transit hubs. This is all part of a promise to double the number of cyclists in New York. Maybe we'll eventually get to #amsterdamproblems.

Peppy DOT promo video w/ music inspired by The La's.

For public transit commuters, the plan includes a proposal to add 20 new SBS routes, plus more bus signal priority and more dedicated bus lanes across the board. The report also claims the city is going to advocate for all-door boarding on all buses, which please please please can we get this?

In an effort to improve accessibility, the city will shell out $245 million over the next four years to install new/upgrade old pedestrian ramps for people who use wheelchairs. And the smartphone payment system for parking meters is also coming, as previously promised.
Full report here.