2006_07_theeagle.JPGWell, if you're going to get so drunk that you pass out and then wake up and find yourself locked in the bar, we suppose it makes sense you do it at a bar named a place "to be on your worst behavior" by Citysearch. According to the Daily News, Louis Rosano passed out Monday night on the rooftop of The Eagle, a bar at 554 West 28th Street in Chelsea, and didn't wake up until 1PM yesterday. It was only when a Chelsea parking attendant heard Rosano's calls that the NYPD rescued him by cutting a hole through the fence. Rosano admitted he probably had a good night, but added, "You know they're supposed to check the club at closing. Well, the idiots didn't." Gothamist thinks Rosano might have been lucky to be locked in - clublandin the West 20s has been pretty dangerous lately.