A transsexual who spent two months working as a mail clerk for the Parks Department in Central Park says she was fired after she complained about her co-workers' cruel insults. Chanel Birden, who was born Andrew Birden and is on female hormones, also says her boss tried to bar her from the ladies' room and refused to call her Chanel. And when she used the ladies room anyway, workers called her nasty names and gasped, "What in the world is that?" So, unsurprisingly, Birden's suing the city for gender discrimination. She tells the Daily News, "There is no mistaking me when you see me—this is definitely a girl. It's not like you're looking at a messy man with a wig on. And I'm a gorgeous woman at that. I would always go to work looking very glamorous." Clearly the other mail clerk ladies in the powder room were just jealous. Birden's lawyer Derek Smith says that while his client has not yet had "a sex-change operation but she is, in fact, a woman... The genital appendage alone does not make her a man."