accuwx_heat_1008.jpgThe Weather Service is forecasting a high of 84 today. is going with 85. The record high for this date in Central Park is 86, set in 1931 and tied just a few minutes ago. Let's go for 90!

In addition to today's heat there's lots of weather action expected the next couple of days. It's all kind of messy: the afternoon warm front is associated with a weak low pressure system approaching from the west, a weak high pressure system will follow, soon thereafter a stronger low is expected to form off the coast, blah, blah, blah. In short, the weather is going to be iffy for a couple of days as the atmosphere transitions to a new flow pattern. By iffy Gothamist means there's a decent chance of showers or a thunderstorm beginning late this afternoon.

The chance of rain is going to stick around for the remainder of the week. Tomorrow should be a bit cooler than today, but the real cooling will take place after what is expected to be a rainy Tuesday night. Easterly winds off the ocean, combined with lots of clouds and a rain shower or two will keep Wednesday's high in the mid- to upper-60s. Showers continue on Thursday and it will be cooler still, high only around 60. There may be a significant rain event on Thursday night or Friday. It's too soon to tell with any reliability and you folks are on your own –this Gothamist is going to be in meetings in a windowless office for the rest of the week.

Big oval of hot weather graphic from