2006_04_tombs.jpgTransport Workers Union Roger Toussaint may be in jail, but that doesn't mean the union isn't trying to strongarm the MTA into re-offering the contract that the union accepted. Union officials are >floating the idea of "targeted slowdowns" if the contract isn't accepted, which is scary to Gothamist, as that means our weekend subway and bus trips could be even more unpredictable! But the MTA says the board won't approve the contract. At any rate, there are still union supporters/members keeping a vigil outside The Tombs (the Bernard Kerik complex) downtown - am New York finds out that most people have been nice to those camped out, though one did yell, "This ain't no ---- jail, I've been here before. It's a hotel. They should send him to Rikers." And the Reverend Al Sharpton did stay there for a night ("One fellow camper said he had a personal assistant to escort him to the bathroom.") Hee hee. AM New York also calculated the cost of camping outside The Tombs for the Toussaint vigil, including a headlamp ("May also scare away any rats") as well the sleeping bag and tent. Any takers to join them out there?