2007_04_colcircsubwa.jpgThe NY Times reports that a stalled train may have indirectly caused an MTA transit worker to be fatally struck by a train at the Columbus Circle station Tuesday night. Veteran worker Daniel Boggs had been in the downtown express tracks when a 3 train hit him, and some sources say the 3 train was diverted to the express tracks because another train uptown was stalled on the local tracks. From the Times:

If not for the stalled train, which was farther uptown, the train that struck Mr. Boggs, a veteran track worker, would have been on the local track because of the replacement of switches and rails that was scheduled for the express track at Columbus Circle, said the people familiar with the investigation, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the inquiry is incomplete.

But they said that officials in the local control tower and in the main rail control center who gave permission for the train to proceed may not have been notified that the track work had begun.

One of the people briefed on the investigation said that a work train had passed on the same track a short time before and that as a result Mr. Boggs may have mistakenly believed that the track was closed to regular trains.

New NYC Transit Authority president Howard Roberts Jr. promised to "leave no stone unturned" during the investigation.

Friends and colleagues remembered Boggs was a wonderful guy who loved his job and family. The operator of the 3 train that hit Roberts is "devastated," according to union sources and Boggs' daughter told the Post her dad was "a really great man" and "My mom is really devastated right now."

Photograph of last fall's work on Columbus Circle's IND track