Of all the people to catch you sleeping while you're supposed to be on the job, a photographer for the NY Post is probably one of the worst ones, since your sleepyhead mug could be plastered on the cover of newspapers. That's what the Post did to Frank Ryan today, a subway maintainer who, along with coworker Robert Malandrino, the Post claims "should have been working on broken station equipment." (FWIW, the Daily News busted a sleeping token booth clerk in 2005.)

From the Post:

Ryan and Malandrino were spotted entering the underground NYC Transit crew pit on the corner of Mercer and Houston streets at 11 p.m. Thursday, the start of their seven-hour night shift.

When the duo resurfaced about 90 minutes later, they returned to the cars that they'd left parked around the corner.

The men, who earn about $33 an hour, zoomed down Mercer Street, before turning onto a dark block on Broome Street to settle in for a two-hour nap.

Ryan, in a four-door Mercury Sable, immediately put a large sunshade in front of his windshield, creating a cozy cocoon in his car, then put his seat back and wrapped himself up in a blue blanket.

His fellow Rip Van Winkle, Malandrino, read for about a half-hour in his Dodge Caravan SUV, then shut off his console light and reclined his seat, as well.

The two men didn't move until a Post photographer approached at approximately 3:30 a.m. and snapped pictures of them snoring away.

A third transit worker was also "spotted conked out on the corner of Wooster and Prince streets, stretched out in the front seat and so dead to the world that he didn't stir when a noisy trash truck rumbled to a stop and workers collected garbage nearby." Apparently the sleeping beauty workers are a common sight around the work site. One resident said, "It's depreciating the quality of the neighborhood. It's inappropriate for people to be sleeping during their shift -- it's a lot of money we pay for public transport."

NYC Transit says they are investigating the incident, telling the paper, "Obviously we don't condone sleeping on the job at all."