Besides getting the actual new contract approved by the union members, Transport Workers Union Local 100 President Roger Toussaint admitted to a group that the union was battered from the strike. At a Wall Street Project breakfast, he said:

"We paid the price in millions of dollars in fines, 10 times that for our members, and face impending loss of dues check off which is going to hemorrhage the finances of our union. But you cannot take on a fight like this and not get bloodied. We are still here standing before you bloodied but unbowed."

However, other labor unions - and Reverend Jesse Jackson - are urging union members across the country to help with the TWU's fines. NY1 reported Jackson as saying, "Selma wasn't for Selma, Alabama, only. The workers’ fight in New York wasn't for New York only, so workers have an obligation in their own interest to rally the transit workers in New York."

But one person isn't that thrilled with Toussaint and the union - the mother of the firefighter who was injured during the transit strike (he was riding his bike to work) is asking a Brooklyn judge to jail Toussaint, since the Taylor says jail should be required for those who break it.