- The MTA is considering a two-week unlimited Metrocard. MTA customer service agents have been polling New Yorkers about whether this would be of interest to them. While the MTA has not released any thoughts about pricing, one NYer who patricipated in the phone survey said he was asked if he'd pay $36, $38 or $41 according to Newsday. This effort to understand the feasibility of a two-week card was prompted by a 2002 Straphangers' survey which found there would be a market for a two-week card.

- The Times reports that Amtrak is not that keen on the city and state's plans for a new Penn Station. Reasons? Their financial troubles - they own the current Penn Station (versus renting space in the new one).

- MTA service agents have come out of the token booth and been working at various stations. These service agents will help subway riders swipe their cards and explain subway directions at the busiest stations during rush hours. Still, for some, it does not replace having actual people in the token booths.

Riders will do anything to understand the subway map better

- And the photo ban on subways? The MTA took a preliminary vote to approve it . NY1 reports, "Anyone caught taking photographs or video in subway trains or stations would be questioned by police, who could issue summonses and confiscate the camera. The only exception would be for credentialed members of the media and those with written permission from the MTA." The Daily News notes that photography is not part of the MTA's rules of conduct. While the Mayor has voiced objections to the ban, there is talk that the NYPD actually requested the stricter rules (Commissioner Kelly said he "hopes the Transit Authority crafts a final proposal that is not overly broad but imposes restrictions against photographing sensitive equipment."). Remember, people, the MTA is giving a 45-day period (maybe it's down to what, 40?, now) of public comment before finalizing anything, so check out the Straphangers on how to make a complaint (contact the MTA, contact your elected officials...).