The MTA and Transport Workers Union are supposedly talking again at the Grand Hyatt in Midtown, after a day of threats and fines, yet no action. To summarize: Justice Theodore Jones threatened to jail union leaders for contempt (and the strike) which threw the Post into a tizzy, the Mayor called the union a bunch of "frauds," and Governor "Not Doing Nothing" Pataki said talks would only begin when the strike ends. MTA Chairman Peter Kalikow reiterated their last offer (though their last offer last Friday wasn't really their last offer) and TWU President Roger Toussaint said the union would talk if the MTA dropped its pension demands (an employee contribution of 6% of the salary). Dare we hope these two crazy kids can work it out? For the sake of 7 million commuters?

The NY Times' Steven Greenhouse analyzes how the union worked its way into a corner by going ahead with an "illegal" strike; plus the Times looks at how race is an issue (WNYC's Brian Lehrer show also covered this yesterday). The Post looks at a one-legged man who still walked 3 miles to work (Gothamist actually got an amputee yesterday as well!). Newsday says the commute via the LIRR was better yesterday, though still sucky. The Daily News looks at the pension issue and its Michael Goodwin wants to sue the MTA and TWU.

Fifth and Madison Avenues are now open, but the commute should still be a bit arduous. How are you doing with day three upon us? Gothamist was kind of over it last night, when stuck in a cab with aggro guy.

Photograph from avaupel on Flickr via Gothamist Contribute