It's times like these when the newspapers go into a frenzy and give their opinions about the transit strike today. Here's our take on them:

Daily News: For sheer bravado, Gothamist gives points for the title, Throw Roger From the Train. As you'd expect, it's high on the melodrama ("Toussaint, meanwhile, betrayed his members and the city in an act of madness."), and there is an interesting take on what the negotiations were between the MTA and Transport Workers Union, but we don't think it lays enough blame on the stupid MTA.

NY Sun: Today's editorial looks at NY State GOP gubernatorial hopeful William Weld's challenge to the likely Democratic candidate, Attorney General Eliot Spitzer; Weld says he would have acted more aggressively and wants to know what Spitzer would think. While Spitzer did file injunctions against the union, the Sun says Spitzer is hiding behind Pataki's skirt - which makes sense, because the Governor is that one who runs the show with the MTA and by extension union. We prefer yesterday's editorial, that said the MTA shouldn't be a monopoly anymore and that Pataki should take action.

2005_12_transtrikemini.jpgNY Post: As expected, the Post calls the TWU "thugs" and loves Mayor Bloomberg's anger. One interesting angle: " Other local unions also share blame for this pointless, needlessly painful, exercise — even if some of them may now want to weasel out of culpability" - the Post notes that while the police, teachers, and other unions supported the strike, it's mainly because they won't have to bear the $1 million burdens. Governor Pataki is called upon to do something (snowball, meet your chances in hell).

NY Times: Like the Daily News, the blame is shifted towards the workers, explaining that there really was no impasse between the MTA and union: "Mr. Toussaint should not have the ability to hold the city hostage. That he can do so says little about the leadership on the other side of the table." Some day, there will be a great feature about the negotiations. The Times also praises the Mayor for "moral support," but notes that he's not really empowered to do anything. Instead, the Times calls on Pataki to step in. Amen to that, but he's too busy preening for New Hampshire or Iowa residents.

The Wall Street Journal seems to have an editorial, but as we don't subscribe, we can only assume that they think unions suck. Here's our outlook on the strike thus far:
- Keep a two-person minimum to cars in Manhattan; rich, Upper East Side mommies, you don't need to bring your SUV downtown. In terms of commercial deliveries, well, that would be something to think about separately, but carpooling, biking, blading, and mass transit are better ideas for the rest of us.
- Respect for service workers. Let's face it, NYC has a bunch of surly mfers - people may act rude, but do we need to spit on them? Not unless insanely provoked.
- No more transit strikes: Please, government, that loss of hundreds of millions in revenue is hurting you as much as the store owners. Please, unions, help us out.
- At least semi-privatization of mass transit so it can turn a profit and not be in the billion dollar deficit mode the MTA is in - and not be as beholden to the politicians.

What do you think NY State, NYC, the MTA, and the TWU should do differently? We'll take a look and publish a compilation later.