Matthew Long, the man who was seriously injured during last December's transit strike (a private bus hit him as he biked to the stationhouse), has finally been released from the hospital. He's had 15 operations in the past five months and was only given a 1% chance of surviving: A doctor said, "He should be dead. Even the nurses in the ER thought what we were doing was an act in futility.". Long now spends most of his time using a wheelchair, though he's been walking with crutches; Long used to compete in triathlons. Long is suing the Transport Workers Union as well as Bear Stearns (which chartered the private bus) and the private bus company.

And in other strike news, the arbitration panel is in place to hear the MTA's and TWU's case. The members are: George Nicolau, who had arbitrated MLB cases' Gary Dellaverson, the MTA's labor relations director who we remember from the transit strike; and Basil Paterson, a transit rep who is a lawyer in a Long Island firm (which happens to be where Tom Suozzi's dad works!).