2006_12_loehmann.jpgBrooklyn resident Jane Galla has flied a complaint against discounter Loehmann's citing discrimination. Galla, a transgendered woman for over three years, said that when she tried to try on some "casual tops for the summer and spring season," employees refused to let her into the fitting room. (WCBS says Galla wanted to use a communal dressing room, but seemed to imply that she was banned from all women's fitting rooms.) Galla, who says she's a regular Loehmann's shopper, said, "I felt humiliated when I was publicly told to use the men's fitting room."

WCBS notes that there is a city law that allows transgendered people to use facilities "consistent with their gender." Also, Galla, who happens to be a steel guitarist, said that Loehmann's employees have been rude to her on a previous visit. Galla wants Loehmann's to adopt a transgender policy and provide employee training.

Recently the MTA agreed that a transgendered woman should be allowed to use women's rest room facilities.