Two finance dudes decided to throw a rager at their boss's Midtown South penthouse this summer while the boss was on vacation—and they paid for it when the transgender hooker they hired for entertainment stole more than $30K worth of goods.

The Post reports that roommates Joseph Morris, 27, and Thomas Condon, 24, convinced a doorman to give them a spare key to their boss Rebecca Sutherland’s penthouse apartment in a 42-story high-rise on 31th Street near Fifth Avenue after she left town on July 1st. They threw a party, and hired 18-year-old prostitute Ezekiel Dicks off of the internet.

"These guys wanted to spice things up a bit," a source told the Post. "What they didn’t know was that she was a transvestite. I think they were surprised by that, but they let her in anyway."

Besides being gracious hosts who had the civility to allow the prostitute they hired to enter the apartment they didn't own or have any right to be in, Morris and Condon then allegedly were gracious enough to pass out, allowing Dicks an opportunity to grab everything she could. She allegedly took jewelry, diamond rings, Prada purses, Apple computers and clothing from the bedrooms and closets, threw it in a suitcase, then got out of there.

When Sutherland got back from vacation on September 1st, she immediately reported the theft to cops. Dicks was tracked down to the Wellington Hotel; she has been charged with grand larceny and criminal possession of stolen property. Morris and Condon have also been arrested on burglary charges in connection to the incident.

Next time, Morris and Condon should consider throwing their party somewhere more their style.