What would Optimus Prime say? According to the Daily News, "An advance screening of the summer blockbuster 'Transformers' turned chaotic Tuesday night and temporarily shut down the AMC Theatre on 34th St." Apparently only 300 people were expected, but instead the screening's organizers were "confronted with a line that stretched along Ninth Ave. When staffers tried to distribute passes, bedlam ensued." The police were called in and the whole theater was shut down for two hours, prompting this peeved observation from moviegoer Danielle Rieter, "I don't know why I can't see 'The Proposal' because everyone had a problem with 'Transformers.'" Indeed! It's unclear if the screening was on the IMAX screen, because you know how passionate people get with IMAX. Related: There were stabbings in Times Square after sold-out screenings of 'Saw' last year.