New York magazine has an extensive New York vs. London features package. Apparently, now is the time to wonder which city is better, although the International Olympics Committee decided that almost two years ago. There are immediately controversial stories like where is the sex better, where real estate obsession is greatest, which lit scene is more stuck up and who is having more fun. There is an obligatory London sucks essay, but regarding which city is a bigger terror target, our guess is wherever Rudy Giuliani is.

As it happens, this New York coverage seems to be perfectly timed with a group who has started The Campaign for Little Britain in the Big Apple. Virgin Atlantic Airways and restaurant Tea & Sympathy are backing the campaign that "seeks to rename a block of Greenwich Avenue 'Little Britain.'" Apparently more details will be revealed this Wednesday.

Do you have a preference for a city? Late last year, the city reminded foreign tourists that NYC is at least cheaper to visit than London (yay, weak dollar!). And when we want some London but can't afford to jet across the Pond, we turn to Londonist.

Photograph by Triborough on Flickr, which makes us wonder which city's taxis do you like better?