Train of Toilet TerrorThe desperate attachment to his cellphone led a man to desperate lengths yesterday. But the situation was rather desperate as well: Bronx resident Edwin Gallart dropped his cellphone into the toilet of a Harlem line Metro-North train during the evening rush hour. Gallart then tried to retrieve the phone, only to get his arm stuck. Only after a Metro-North supervisor, various rescue crews, three sets of power tools (including, as the Times reports, the jaws of life), and one ripped-from-the-wall then sliced toilet later was Gallart's arm set free. Other trains needed to be rerouted and a number of commuters were inconvenienced. And the phone was not found, but as M-N facilities director Al Cecere said, "you wouldn't want to put that on your face afterwards anyway."

We've dropped a pager into a toilet and a friend dropped a cellphone into the urinal. Rule number one: Let the device dry out.