2006_05_model.jpgA trailer transporting models to a fashion shoot became a trailer of near death, as one model fell onto the Gowanus Expressway at 50 MPH after accidentally opening an exit door. How did such a mistake occur? Tatyana Simanava had been using the trailer's bathroom, which has two doors, one back to the trailer and one to the outside, useful for shoots once the trailer is safely parked. She apparently was "disoriented" about which door she entered through and chose the wrong door to exit, dislocating a shoulder and suffering numerous other injuries in the process. A police source says "She could have easily gotten run over" by other cars or the trailer itself, but luckily the driver of the trailer saw her fall out. That's pretty scary - we guess the doors weren't labeled or that the door to the outside wasn't locked. Maybe these coaches need "adult locks" the way cars have child safety locks.