2006_12_matches.gifA sad incident occurred on Friday night. A 2 year old boy playing with matches started a fire in his family's Brooklyn apartment. His mother, 40 year old Sandra Stephens, was killed and five others, including 2 year old son Kyle Stephens, were injured. The Post reports that Kyle was "known to play with matches" and he set a mattress on fire. His mother threw the mattress into the hallway, which then trapped her and her family, as well as another family they shared the apartment with, inside. From the NY Times:

Neighbors spoke of a horrific scene as firefighters rushed in: children’s screams for help, singed bodies and fast-moving flames.

“One lady, her clothes were burnt off her body,” said Cheryl Dosreis, 54, who lives on the third floor. “You could see her skin and blood.”

Kyle was found in a bathtub by firefighters and was taken to Staten Island University Hospital, where he was in critical condition last night...

It took 75 firefighters to get the blaze under control. The paint on the door of the apartment, Apartment D62, had peeled off, and near the door mattress springs were on the kitchen floor. The police said the fire was not considered suspicious.

Fourteen year old Kimali Stephens said he tried to save his mother, but was unable to break down the door. He escaped through a window, climbing down a cable but let go around the third floor, breaking his ankle, according to the Daily News.

Stephens and her children were supposed to have moved from Brooklyn to Baltimore yesterday.