Five cars crashed during a crazy police chase on the West Shore Expressway yesterday afternoon. The whole matter started when the driver of a Toyota Camry was stopped by a Staten Island Highway Patrol officer. The driver took off and exited at Victory Boulevard, hitting a white Ford van. The Camry started to smoke, so the car's passenger got out and, according to the Staten Island Advance, went to call his mom. The passenger ended up waiting at a bus stop, where the police arrested him.

In the meantime, the Camry's driver carjacked the van he hit (!), which he quickly crashed. The highway patrolman had been following him, and ended up getting into a fight with the driver. Then the driver tried to escape in the highway patrol car, but two unmarked police cars trapped him in and the authorities arrested him.

Side note: The Advance wins the prize for a "Most gratuitous reference to a video game": "The play-by-play could have come straight out of 'Grand Theft Auto,' the graphic video game that recently left Staten Island out of its Gotham landscape."