A 72-year-old woman was hit by an NYPD Traffic Enforcement vehicle on the Bowery last night just before 8 p.m. She's currently in Bellevue Hospital—the extent of her injuries is unknown, but the NYPD assures us she's not likely to die. We were at the crime scene at 7 Bowery an hour later; at that time two NYPD Traffic cops, a male and female, were sitting in the back of the Traffic Enforcement vehicle. Detectives and at least a dozen cops milled about cracking jokes, and all that remained of the accident was a single glove lingering in a pool of blood.

An FDNY spokesman confirmed the victim was taken to Bellevue but could provide no details her condition—the NYPD press office insists her injuries were minor. We asked an NYPD spokesman if any charges would be filed and were told, "No, it was an accident." These things happen.

The NYPD spokesman did say an investigation is ongoing, and we'll be interested to see how that turns out. Pedestrians and cyclists were allowed to pass freely through the accident scene until a senior officer ordered the other cops to secure the scene and stop letting people through.

Additional reporting by Christopher Robbins.