An NYPD traffic agent has been arrested for allegedly forcing a sex worker to perform oral sex on him by posing as an actual cop and threatening her with jail. Isaiah Delvalle, 27, allegedly arranged to pay for the sex act at Essex Street and Stanley Avenue in East New York on January 11th. But after the woman agreed, Delvalle allegedly pulled out a gun and badge and said she must do it for free or get arrested.

The victim complied, but afterwards she spit his semen onto a piece of cardboard and brought it to the NYPD. From there, police collected a DNA sample, and a month later, an undercover cop chatted Delvalle up, went into a restaurant with him, and eventually, snagged a straw he had used.

The investigation also purportedly linked Delvalle to another similar attack on a sex worker in East New York last fall.

Reached by the Daily News, Delvalle denied the allegations, saying:

No, none of that is true. Those girls are crazy. This is what they do when they don’t get what they want.

Officers arrested Delvalle on Friday. He was released on Saturday after posting $10,000 bail. He is facing 16 misdemeanor counts and 6 felonies for charges including impersonating a police officer, sexual assault, and coercion. Each of the felony counts carries as many as four years in prison, and all but two of the misdemeanors carry maximum sentences of a year each.