"NYPD violates traffic laws... while giving a ticket for violating traffic laws," the cyclist who snapped this photo says in an email, adding, "I love the hypocrisy." According to our tipster, who asked to remain anonymous, the NYPD vehicle was parked in the bike lane on 9th Street between First and Second Avenue in the East Village this morning around 9:30 a.m. While pausing to document the situation, the cyclist says the officer yelled, "Get the fuck out of my way before I roll you!" Our source adds, "She didn't roll me, thank God."

What's extra-infuriating about the photo is that there is clearly plenty of parking space next to the bike lane where the traffic cop could have stopped, instead of creating a dangerous situation in which cyclists are forced to swerve further into an already narrow lane of car traffic. Of course, it's entirely possible the officer was responding to an emergency that simply didn't allow time for tidy curbside parking. You know, like a Papa John's dinner special.

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