091508cop.JPGSince September 10th, when blocking the box was changed from a moving violation to a parking violation, the NYPD has issued over 1,000 citations to the tune of $150 each. But some traffic cops have come out against the change because they say they're ill-equipped to deal with traffic stops, which are "one of the most dangerous interactions even police officers engage in," according to Anthony Miranda of the National Latino Officers Association. He tells WNYC that NYPD officers "have specialized training specifically for the purposes of car stops. Traffic enforcement agents do not. They do not even have training in non-lethal weapons." In response, Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne released a statement wondering, "Where's he been? Traffic enforcement has always been a difficult and often dangerous job for TEAs and police officers alike, particularly at busy intersections." And with the return of the squeegee men, it's only going to get worse!