A former cop is speaking out against the traffic agent who issued a summons to a City Councilman after the Councilman caught him going through stop signs and red lights, sirens blazing, to go to...Dunkin' Donuts. Tim Dillon spoke to WCBS 2 about his run-in with Traffic Agent Daniel Chu while Dillon was a pallbearer at a funeral, "The family was getting ready to transfer the body from the funeral home to the churchThe traffic agent felt that they were all double-parked. There was a confrontation - he started yelling and screaming at the family members."

Dillon continued, "Traffic Agent Chu had a cigarette in his mouth, screaming at everybody. He took his cigarette and flicked it toward the area of the family and indiscriminately just started scanning the cars up and down, cursing at them, yelling at them."

Councilman Dan Halloran spotted Chu speeding through the red lights, with his siren on, and chatting on the cellphone earlier this week. Halloran followed him and took photos of Chu's car while Chu was inside the Dunkin' Donuts, fuming to WCBS 2, "He was in a rush to get a coffee coolata at Dunkin Donuts, and felt he could blow stop signs, speed, swerve in traffic." Chu upped the ante by issuing Halloran a ticket for blocking a crosswalk with his car, which the Councilman denies—the engine was still running and his door was open, he says.

WCBS 2 added up the number of points a mere civilian would get if he/she were on the cell phone while driving and ignoring stop signs: "18 points on his license - and after 11 points, your license gets revoked." Halloran also had a choice quote for WPIX: "I was out there catching him doing something wrong while he was on the job and I think that's the icing on the donut."