Trader Gets Bumped By Stripper? Time for Lawsuit!

stripclub.jpgA married investment broker in his 30s is suing a midtown strip club because one of his dancers hurt him real bad--and not just emotionally. Stephen Chang, who is married and works for an unnamed investment firm, went to the Hot Lap Dance Club [really NSFW beyond the homepage] where his dancer's moves were a little too hot.

Last November, Chang was enjoying a lap dance at the club. His dancer apparently got too acrobatic; per the lawsuit, "During the course of said lap dance, the employee suddenly swung around, striking the plaintiff in the eye with the heel of her shoe." The lawsuit claims the club "and/or its employee" are "negligent" for her "suddenly swinging around" and his lawyer says Chang sustained "serious injuries." Those Plexiglass platform stripper shoes do seem like they'd hurt!

Hot Lap Dance Club manager Lou told the News, "We didn't have any reported accidents. We have a first-aid kit, and we would have treated the guy or called an ambulance." And of course, such injuries might resemble the black eye a young wife might give her husband after coming home from a strip club that he visited himself, but that's just a layman's opinion.

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