To promote his memoir I Am the New Black, Tracy Morgan has been answering questions from readers at Time magazine. One wanted to know what he thought about Barack Obama’s recent Nobel Peace Prize win. Morgan replied, "I think he deserves it. I think he’s really trying to stop nuclear war. I love Obama. You see how cool he is? You see the way he gets off of Air Force One? He kicks that leg just like Richard Roundtree. Ain’t no other countries gonna mess with us. And as far as health care is concerned, tell them to put cocoa butter on it. Those old remedies still work!"

Morgan's comment tops recording artist John Mayer's thoughts on the peace prize, which were dragged out of him by a New York scribe. Approached at a party the other night, Mayer said he thought it was "fantastic," but grew testy under further questioning: "Do you think I'm smart enough to be able to articulate to you why our president receiving the Nobel Peace Prize is a bit early for things? What's your overall opinion?"

The awkward exchange, uh, climaxed with Mayer vowing to "forcefully sodomize" the reporter's editor for assigning off-topic questions. New York editor Jessica Coen swiftly tweeted: "John Mayer threatens to sodomize nymag editor—swoon!" So... now you know two celebrity's and one editor's opinions on Obama and sodomy. We welcome your traffic, Google pervs!