The VeriChip; Photo - APScientists and entrepreneurs are launching their implanetable tracking microchip in the Mexican market. [AP, via CNN] Now, this is something Gothamist has been interested in - we just didn't realize it was already available here in the states. VeriChip is a product from Applied Digital an "advanced digital technology development company that focuses on a range of early warning alert, miniaturized power sources and security monitoring systems combined with the comprehensive data management services required to support them." The chip itself is the size of a grain of rice and uses radio frequency for ID. Whereas using the technology is something the U.S. is wary about (privacy and some such nonsense like that), Mexico is heralding it especially with the high crime rates and the company is working make sure as many hospitals as possible get scanners.

The nearest authorized VeriChip center is the office of two doctors on University Place. Apparently the chip is implanted in the arm, via a syringe-like device. But this is a horrible line for the AP piece to end on: "VeriChip can help confirm a kidnap victim's identity only after a body is found." We get that if the kidnap victim is alive, there are easier ways of confirming identity. But what about amnesiacs, like Jason Bourne?

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