2006_07_gasline.jpgOfficials have sent tubing found in the wreckage of 34 East 62nd Street for testing. The townhouse that once stood there was blown up on Monday, apparently by the owner Dr. Nicholas Bartha in a suicide bid and elaborate revenge plot in order to not pay his ex-wife a hefty divorce settlement, thus gassing the four story building. Fire officials found clamps and lengths of rubber tubing at the site, and there are conflicting reports about gas problems (former tenants say they've existed while Con Ed says they responded to only two complaints made). While no one has been able to question Bartha yet, we think he'd probably get off with an insanity defense - have you read his email?

The Post recounts the how 22 year old Parks employee Jennifer Panicali was injured on East 62nd Street outside the home by viewing surveillance camera footage from a nearby building. The Daily News' Michael Daly slams Bartha are being a terrible father and husband - it's true, if you managed to read the email, not only does he denigrade his ex, he totally disses his daughters. And real estate whores are loving this story, especially since how helicopter news coverage gives views of roof terraces.

Photograph by Louis Lanzano/AP