2006_09_fordtocity.jpgYou know from the Daily News headline, Ford to Town Car: Drop dead, that the Daily News secretly wishes they could have made an article about Ford ending production of the Lincoln Town Car a cover story. The Lincoln Town Car is beloved by drivers (reliable!) passengers (legroom!), and even criminals (trunk room for bodies!), but Ford won't be building Town Cars after next year. Gothamist will put money down on car service companies buying more next year, to stock up - some of those Town Cars in current fleets have that cherry-BO/stale cigarette smoke smell (we can deal with that in our cabs, but not our Town Cars).

The Town Cars are ubiquitous (80% of the car service market), so the question is what will drivers and car fleet buy in the futre? New York magazine tackled the topic of what might the next go-to vehicle for the car service industry would be in early August. Odds are on the Lincoln MKS, while some cars, like the Chrysler 300 which is a nice ride but, as one limo company says, “I can’t tell someone at the St. Regis to look for a Chrysler.” Hmm, what about green cars? When we wrote about a Town Car overload in April, our readers mentioned OzoCar (also written about in NY magazine) and green city transportation as environmentally conscious car service options.