There's an interesting article in the Village Voice about downtown residents unhappy with all the Town Cars in the neighborhood. The cars wait for employees at investment banks and the like, and Community Board 1 passed a resolution forcing Goldman Sachs, which is building a new skyscraper on West Street, to "minimize the impact of black cars" to the area. An agreement was reached (GS will keep its cars in a garage until they are called for), though other firms don't necessarily keep their Town Cars from idling and blocking streets and causing pollution in the area, but this is what happens when you have big business and residential areas - you don't hear people complaining about town cars in Midtown, as they are part and parcel there, with law firms, publishing empires and ad agencies - as well as banks. But this makes us wonder if some competitor will introduce the unblack car - a fuel efficient hybrid, perhaps - to appeal to both firms and residents alike.

And thanks to the VV article, now we know there is a magazine Black Car News.