The Internal Affairs Bureau (IAB) has been cracking down on illegal parking this year with a special unit focused on rooting out and towing placard abusers, unmarked police vehicles, and the like. This has caused some tension between IAB and many officers, who have complained about being towed while on the job. But now, one tow truck operator is accusing a cop of giving him a revenge ticket on behalf of all cops.

Tow truck operator Marvin Robbins met Officer David Moshier at a restaurant on E. 149th St. in the Bronx last Friday. Things were friendly until Robbins revealed he was part of the IAB unit that towed police vehicles illegally parked. According to Robbins, Moshier "stared at him" as he left, but he drove off "thinking nothing of it." Two days later, Robbins found a ticket on his Lexus, parked on E. 156th St., near his apartment in the Melrose Houses. The ticket was for parking too close to a hydrant, which he admitted he did; but the ticket's date was Saturday, not Sunday, and was marked 2:42 p.m. Robbins has a receipt from JCPenney that shows he was shopping about 6 miles away at that time in Co-op City. The cop also wasn't from his precinct. It all seemed far too coincidental to Robbins.

"I think he's harboring bad feelings for our tow program and this was payback. You shouldn't penalize us for the job we have to do. We're told who to tow by their bosses. We're not deciding who to tow," Robbins told the Daily News. Moisher didn't respond for comment, but colleagues told the News he mistakenly wrote the wrong day on the ticket, and denied he ever met Robbins. Robbins is convinced that Moshier ran his plate after their restaurant encounter, got his home address and went looking for his car. Robbins should look on the bright side: at least nobody messed with his favorite horse.