2006_04_toussaintout.jpgTransport Workers Union president Roger Toussaint enjoyed freedom yesterday, and showed it by
defiant speech slamming the MTA's desire to restart contract talks and wanting to fight the Taylor Law. Toussain't point about the Taylor Law is picked up by the NY TImes, "The law doesn't have any consequences for employers who negotiate in bad faith or fail to resolve contracts in a timely manner." Oh, snap, Peter Kalikow! But Mayor Bloomberg is upset with other people, saying,
"The thing here that people should be outraged about are the people that marched with Roger Toussaint across the bridge. What kind of message does that send to our kids?" That's a veiled refernce to teachers union head Randi Weingarten if we ever heard one! At any rate, Toussaint said he was treated decently in jail - no lawsuits over that.

The Post says that Toussaint got out of jail early by using an old criminal defense lawyer trick - hey, you gotta work it!