The Transit Workers Union is set to vote on its leadership this fall, and a group of members wants to oust current president Roger Toussaint. Yesterday, the Daily News reported that bus driver (and the chairman of the local's Manhattan and Bronx division) Barry Roberts, track division chairman John Samuelsen and conductor Nat Cummings are running together. Roberts said of Toussaint, "He destroyed the workers' morale." Roberts also said many workers would have wanted to negotiate with the MTA, versus striking last December. Hindsight is always 20/20, but given that the TWU still doesn't have a contract, we imagine the TWU membership might want some new blood.

According to the Post, the tricky thing for union members wishing to run is now they are required to have candidates for president, secretary-treasure and recording secretary - plus a vice-presidential candiate. Of course, this makes some members who don't have a "slate" of candidates upset because they'll have to run as independents on the "back pages" of the mail-in ballot.

Gothamist on the Transit Strike. And if Toussaint is defeated, amNew York suggests he may have to go back to work as a tunnel worker.