2006_04_freeroger.jpgThe Transport Workers Union president Roger Toussaint will kick off his ten-day jail sentence - for last December's three-day transit strike - by having a rally outside King's County Supreme Court at 4PM. Then Toussaint and his supporters - including the Reverend Al Sharpton and John J. Sweeny of the AFL-CIO - will march across the Brooklyn Bridge and head over to the Tombs, where he needs to report at 6PM. But supporters will also hold sit-ins outside the jail. Toussaint tells the NY Times that his jail sentence is stupid, "It's one thing if you threaten a jail sentence while a strike is on. t's another thing to send someone to jail three months afterward." And he tells the Daily News that he's not worried about jail, but he's worried about his family worrying about, like his 10 year old son. The Post's reporter got threatened when he observed Toussaint's "last day of freedom" while eating in Boerum Hill ("curried chicken, accompanied by rice and beans and spicy cabbage at the West Indian home-style favorite Stir It Up on Atlantic Avenue").

The $2.5 million fine from the TWU will go back to the city; how it'll be used is another matter entirely. Hmm, maybe one day of free subway and bus fares (which means unlimited monthly cards get extended by one day)? And in showing which way their support sways, the Post claims that Toussaint's past claims of high school activism are fake while the Daily News reports that MTA Chairman Peter Kalikow bought a $260,000 Ferrari.

And reader John sent us this image of Roger. We'll expect a "Roger Behind Bars" image coming from someone else. Updated: John has created Cafe Press merchandise of "Free Roger" - if only his supporters could get them in time for today!